Chapter Recruiting Program

Chapter Recruiting

What is Chapter Recruiting?

2018 Chapter Recruiting Program (CRP) 

Chapter Membership Talking Points 

Chapter Recruiting provides a single effort to recruit new chapter members. The ultimate goal for MOAA is to remain the premier military advocacy organization that can affect legislation and make a difference in the quality of life for all members of the military and their families. Our chapter system is critical to attaining that goal.

The focus of Chapter Recruiting is on recruiting new chapter members using the recruiting-members lists provided by National MOAA. In early spring of each year, national MOAA provides a recruiting list to each of its chapters, which can serve as the foundation for the chapter’s annual recruiting campaign.

We have done this by email and recruiting postcards but we still need support from our current membership in our effort.

When you meeting someone that is a potential member, Turn those contacts into lasting friendships through membership in our own Lone Star Officers Club is just a few clicks away:


Send them the link to our LSOC website where they can view this membership drive page

Then be sure to: e-mail us about your potential member*
(*please include their mailing address and a phone number)

Our President will invite them by letter to join us at our next meeting.